16 July
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I am... quite diverse in the personality department (but I suppose everybody is..). I like to write. Alot. I like to think that I'm an interesting person, but it is well-known that other people do not seem to like to think that. This may be because I am notoriously quiet. Teachers think it's a blessing, but... It can be a curse somtimes. For this reason, I am sometimes seen as a snob.. or the sad result of some traumatic event.. -___- But I'm mostly just thinking about things.. I don't know if I fit into the "airhead" category because of that.. although I do sometimes get poor grades if my mind wanders when I'm doing schoolwork.. because I sometimes think that some things are more important to think about than others, and other times I just get stuck on one topic that I think is really interesting..
I like all things literary. I don't know of many good books, but I do like the overall mechanics of the English language. Spelling, grammar and word usage = love. I am much more better at reading and writing than I am at math. Though I am fascinated by it, math is just not my thing.. I don't know why. I am also interested in art, although... I dunno, it's kind of becoming too common to really appreciate it anymore. I wish it was like the [insert time period here]'s, when art was truly appreciated, and artists were considered to be something like a gift from god.. But now, it's like, "Oh, you're an artist, that's nice. Now draw me a picture." -__- ... I think that maybe I'm on the verge of doing a 180, actually.. man-made art is losing its magic fast, and I am becoming increasingly fascinated by natural art.. Also known as science. Oh yeah. I associate man-made art with religion, seeing them both as spiritual and belief-related things. Nature and science, however, I think, are quite different from that. They are both like, "I am here, that is there, and this is now."- very concrete. I see more beauty in humans themselves than I do in paintings.. the same goes for flowers, volcanoes and the such. As I write this, though, I see less differences between the two opposites.. How interesting.
What else? Nothing, for now..
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