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:D [Aug. 2nd, 2005|06:46 pm]
[mood |apatheticblarg.]
[music |"Bed of Roses" - Mindless Self Indulgence]

-__- August sure rolled in quickly. I'll be starting high school in roundabout three weeks, and, while I have mixed feelings about the prospect of going to a new school, I am anxious to take on the role of "student" once more (needless to say, my brain feels like mush; I need to start learning again!).
This is the first time I've updated this journal in ages. I've spent most of my time lurking.. I still don't know how some people make their pages look so nifty.
Um.. I haven't drawn anything in a while.. I've mostly been writing little stories and reading.
Overall, the summer's been relatively fruitless. I had the chance to go to Europe and visit England and Iceland, but I passed it up because it took place during the week of Otakon.. I'm regretting this deeply now because I'm having second thoughts on doing the Otakon thing anyway.
Oh well. At least there's school to look forward to.

*looks at "Music" box* Heh. My current playlist amuses me. I've got a bunch of hard rock/metal surrounding a single, really slow l'arc~en~ciel tune.. (I don't usually listen to that head-banger stuff, but it's fun to listen to once in a while)
Actually, "Bed of Roses" would be a great ending song for a movie about a serial killer or something (like an autobiography).. There are alot of songs I think would make good ending songs for different types of movies. Like "Apple Blossom" (by the White Stripes) would be good for a movie about an angsty girl/boy who leaves home and gets killed..