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First Entry [Feb. 15th, 2005|07:57 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Bjork- "Triumph of a Heart"]

Meh... I decided to make an account on this site so that I can meet some people and expand my horizons on the internet. I'm sort of surprised that nobody has taken the name "voyez" until now.. I like it because it's a word with some meaning behind it (from what I have learned in French class, it means "see", as an order).. really do think people should "see".. and by "see", I mean beyond the usual objects of everyday life. Being an (self-proclaimed, mind you) artist, I often look beyond what life shows me, turning things inside-out or upside-down, changing them in my mind into something that appeals to me. If you look at anything in a specific way, it always has the potential to be beautiful (or ugly).. The same thing goes for situations.. something that seems completely undesirable to happen to a person can instantly become a blessing if you look at it another way.. Also, "see" can mean that a person should look closer at something, or beyond it.. I often think of race when I think of seeing that way; skin is just a bag that carries the real treasure.. A beautiful mind can belong to anyone, regardless of skin color..
Hum.. what else should I say?
I am immensely interested in art (a broad topic, I know, but I can't think of any artform that I'm not intrigued by, really).. though I consider many things art.. I suppose they can be put into catgories-- "Manual art" is painting, origami, sculpting, and that sort of stuff; "Literary art" is poetry, and all things related to writing; "Kinetic art" is dance and things related to that.. hum.. I suppose there's "Verbal art", which is language and the way people communicate, too.. But anything can be considered art, I guess. Therefore, I'm interested in just about everything.. that's probably a strong trait of mine, because I believe that knowledge is power, and knowing even a little bit about everything can be very useful to a person..
Anyway, I think I've pretty run out of anything else to say (er, type)... Heh.