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Meh, I haven't updated in a while.. I went to Otakon. Just got back,… - Blarg. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 21st, 2005|04:48 pm]
[mood |blah...]
[music |"Rhapsod in Blue" - George Gershwin]

Meh, I haven't updated in a while..

I went to Otakon. Just got back, actually...
It was fun. I was really tired the whole way through (I still am), though. -__- I took alot of pictures on the first day.. on the second day, my batteries were dead, and I couldn't take any pictures until after my dad drove over to Baltimore and brought some for me (there were only two hours left of the con...). On the third day, I took alot of pictures as well, until I ran out of room on the camera T_T Which was about halfway through..
I need to be more prepared next time!
My friend and I spent most of the time in the Artists Alley. She commissioned nearly every artist there, so I just tagged along mostly (I asked one person to draw me something [Saka!!! The guy who draws for Gaia Online..], but I felt incredibly bad while he was drawing it, because I know how badly I work under pressure. I forgot myself...). I bought some prints. On the third day, I found the most amazing artist. He's got an account on Deviant Art (joeblackstone.deviantart.com), and, though it doesn't show much of what he can do, he was truly among the most talented there. Ah.. I think I'm being overly fangirly about this, but I'm so in love with his work.

We also went to the Dealer's Room. It was.. big ^^; You could get lost in there pretty easily. I waited until Sunday to but a Yoshitaka Amano artbook that I've been lusting for for ages.. it was still $30 (a little flimsy thing, too!). But it still brings a tear to my eye and makes my heart burst when I hold it in my hands.
I'd give anything to have known Mr. Amano when he was just starting out, when he didn't really know how much talent he had and didn't care how much things were worth. It always seems more valuable a memory to have had a casual conversation with an artist that is destined for greatness, than to have an interview or something with the same type of person after they become famous, because all the feeling is raw and uncertain.. (wow, I'm really bad at describing things. I'll stop.)
It's the same with Edward Gorey, kind of. He's dead now, and I deeply regret it (bad choice of words, I know). I wish I could have gotten the chance to shake his hand, and to talk to him about stupid things like socks and tea. He had a beautiful mind.. People like that deserve to be idol-worshipped or something.

-__-; Okay, I'm done.