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Holy crap! I just thought of a really great ending to a story that I… - Blarg. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 14th, 2005|07:49 am]
Holy crap!
I just thought of a really great ending to a story that I might write!
I was reading a rather graphic smut scene in a fic a moment ago (it was "A Bittersweet Potion" by Alchemia Dent and Bugland.. you'll have to google it, because I can't be bothered with html right now), and a really great, really random scene popped into my head.
If ever I write a Snarry fic, I'll use that ending I just scribbled down.
It's one of those wonderful, spur-of-the-moment things that make life seem a little more complete, when a great scene pops into your head.
It made me cry ;__; That's a wonderful thing, I'll tell you. I love fics in which characters die..
This is a happy ending, though.
I don't know whether to share it, or to keep it to myself until I have an actual story attatched to it.
-__- *shrugs* I suppose I'll put what I've got here, and edit it later once I find ways to make it better.
Here goes!
Harry opened his eyes to find himself sitting by Severus, both fully clothed in their school robes and looking as if they had Apparated straight out of a class, on a patch of grass that was surrounded by an unfathmable darkness.
They could see Hogwarts from there, somehow, right ahead of them.
"Look, Severus!"
Harry thought he could see people walking through the school's gates. Silhouettes, then, but the people became clearer and Harry could make out a pair of of half-moon glasses among the mass of shadow. Following closely behind were bright green eyes floating beside another pair of glasses, though more similar to his own this time. Next to them, Harry could make out the outline of a shaggy mane.
He groped for Severus' hand beside him as the shapes drew nearer.
The silver mass of hair that framed those half-moon spectacles twinkled.

"We've been waiting for you."
*snif* I'm probably the only person who thinks this is at all sad -__- Because I kind of know what happens beforehand.
I'll probably decide it's a piece of crap by tomorrow, but it's good to record these things anyhow.
I'm totally drawing a picture to accompany this scene.