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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2005|04:48 pm]
[mood |blah...]
[music |"Rhapsod in Blue" - George Gershwin]

Meh, I haven't updated in a while..

I went to Otakon. Just got back, actually...
It was fun. I was really tired the whole way through (I still am), though. -__- I took alot of pictures on the first day.. on the second day, my batteries were dead, and I couldn't take any pictures until after my dad drove over to Baltimore and brought some for me (there were only two hours left of the con...). On the third day, I took alot of pictures as well, until I ran out of room on the camera T_T Which was about halfway through..
I need to be more prepared next time!
My friend and I spent most of the time in the Artists Alley. She commissioned nearly every artist there, so I just tagged along mostly (I asked one person to draw me something [Saka!!! The guy who draws for Gaia Online..], but I felt incredibly bad while he was drawing it, because I know how badly I work under pressure. I forgot myself...). I bought some prints. On the third day, I found the most amazing artist. He's got an account on Deviant Art (joeblackstone.deviantart.com), and, though it doesn't show much of what he can do, he was truly among the most talented there. Ah.. I think I'm being overly fangirly about this, but I'm so in love with his work.

We also went to the Dealer's Room. It was.. big ^^; You could get lost in there pretty easily. I waited until Sunday to but a Yoshitaka Amano artbook that I've been lusting for for ages.. it was still $30 (a little flimsy thing, too!). But it still brings a tear to my eye and makes my heart burst when I hold it in my hands.
I'd give anything to have known Mr. Amano when he was just starting out, when he didn't really know how much talent he had and didn't care how much things were worth. It always seems more valuable a memory to have had a casual conversation with an artist that is destined for greatness, than to have an interview or something with the same type of person after they become famous, because all the feeling is raw and uncertain.. (wow, I'm really bad at describing things. I'll stop.)
It's the same with Edward Gorey, kind of. He's dead now, and I deeply regret it (bad choice of words, I know). I wish I could have gotten the chance to shake his hand, and to talk to him about stupid things like socks and tea. He had a beautiful mind.. People like that deserve to be idol-worshipped or something.

-__-; Okay, I'm done.
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2005|07:49 am]
Holy crap!
I just thought of a really great ending to a story that I might write!
I was reading a rather graphic smut scene in a fic a moment ago (it was "A Bittersweet Potion" by Alchemia Dent and Bugland.. you'll have to google it, because I can't be bothered with html right now), and a really great, really random scene popped into my head.
If ever I write a Snarry fic, I'll use that ending I just scribbled down.
It's one of those wonderful, spur-of-the-moment things that make life seem a little more complete, when a great scene pops into your head.
It made me cry ;__; That's a wonderful thing, I'll tell you. I love fics in which characters die..
This is a happy ending, though.
I don't know whether to share it, or to keep it to myself until I have an actual story attatched to it.
-__- *shrugs* I suppose I'll put what I've got here, and edit it later once I find ways to make it better.
Here goes!
Harry opened his eyes to find himself sitting by Severus, both fully clothed in their school robes and looking as if they had Apparated straight out of a class, on a patch of grass that was surrounded by an unfathmable darkness.
They could see Hogwarts from there, somehow, right ahead of them.
"Look, Severus!"
Harry thought he could see people walking through the school's gates. Silhouettes, then, but the people became clearer and Harry could make out a pair of of half-moon glasses among the mass of shadow. Following closely behind were bright green eyes floating beside another pair of glasses, though more similar to his own this time. Next to them, Harry could make out the outline of a shaggy mane.
He groped for Severus' hand beside him as the shapes drew nearer.
The silver mass of hair that framed those half-moon spectacles twinkled.

"We've been waiting for you."
*snif* I'm probably the only person who thinks this is at all sad -__- Because I kind of know what happens beforehand.
I'll probably decide it's a piece of crap by tomorrow, but it's good to record these things anyhow.
I'm totally drawing a picture to accompany this scene.
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2005|07:55 pm]
[music |"Hedwig's Theme" - John Williams]

For the Dites une Conte community~

The thin sheet of gossamer slid over her naked body like water as he pulled it down past her face.
He blinked his eyes, and the dried tears along his cheeks broke like ice.
He lightly touched her lips with his fingertips. They felt slightly chapped, but were soft against his tethered skin, and he swore he could almost feel her hot breath pass through them.
Her cheeks were still warm. They were milky white, and contained a certain luminosity against the heavy darkness that surrounded them that he had never seen in any other person. Slowly, he bent down and brushed his lips across her jawline. Her hair smelled of roses and fresh rain.
His lips stretched into a knowing grimace on her skin. She could have been sleeping. He paused a moment to see once again if he would feel he exhale lightly against his cheek.
Her lips suddenly felt ice cold.
Absentmindedly, he wondered which one of them it was who was leaving. Who had left, he corrected himself. But no, that wasn’t right either. He knew she was the one who left.
He would be here until the end of time.
Her eyes flickered open. “Come back and haunt me,” she replied.
She could have been sleeping, but he didn’t think he would sleep again.

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@__@ [Aug. 7th, 2005|09:03 pm]
[mood |contemplativebrewing pleasant thoughts...]
[music |"Something Stupid" - Frank+Nancy Sinatra]

AAAH! I just got the greatest book EVAR from my friend!
I've been giddy all day.. I've been wanting "Anatomy for the Artist" for ages, but.. my dad thinks I'll wank off to it or something, just because it's got extreme nudity in some places (So I've got o hide it..). Really, nudity's never bothered me in that way -___- I don't know why some people are so uptight about it anyway.
I personally think the human body is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. I love the way human skin looks luminescent and waxy, and the way muscles and veins glide under it. I honestly think a muscular back is more appealing than human genitalia.. In fact, it's probably my favorite part of the body, besides forearms, noses, and necks.
I think the human face is amazing. We are the only animals (that I know of) who are capable of different expressions (and emotions as a whole), and each face is different, even though there are billions of them.

I could go on and on, but let's change the subject anyway.
I've been questing for the title of a certain song, but I've had little luck. Recently, a tune that I heard ages ago paid my memory a nice visit, and it's been stuck in my head since then. I'm pretty sure Morrissey sings it, but that's as far as my description can go. His voice is divine, by the way.

Umm.. I'm working on an entry for a contest on gaiaonline.com, and I'll probably post it here if the holder will allow it.
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(no subject) [Aug. 7th, 2005|01:47 am]
[mood |deviousscheming...]
[music |"Sun Doesn't Rise" - Mushroomhead]

>__< I want to be famous like Sherant and Yukipon... (minus the commissions)
Hehe not really, but it's probably a feeling like no other when you bask in that hard-earned glory (I want some..).
I'll join a group one of these days, so that I can at least get some friends and pretend that I'm talking to something other than a deserted patch of Internet.
I drew a picture of Draco Malfoy last night/this morning.. He's a snarky bastard of a character, but I still think fondly of him. In this pic, he's looking particularly smug.

@__@ I decided to slash-ify it a couple of minutes ago, just because.. I'll post the finished product once I'm done.

This made me laugh alot while I was drawing it. This would belong somewhere along the bottom of the pic: Arnie and (male) seahorses established MPREG, Sirius/Remus fans perfected it.

*fangirly squeal* Snape is the greatest HP character EVAR. Like Malfoy, he's a slimy, sadistic git, but I love him so much because his character has so many dimensions to it. *starry eyes* In character development, he's my hero.

Because I'm new to the Fringe Community..
1. How and when did you discover HP fanfiction and art? Roundabout 6 1/2 years ago, although I didn't try doing it myself until around 4 years ago. I went on a long hiatus until after OotP came out, and now I'm writing/drawing again.
2. How long have you been creating HP fan art? See first question..
3. How long have you been drawing in general? 13 years.
4. What characters/situations do you like to draw the most? Probably.. head sketches of various male characters. I don't really like to do full-body ones or whole scenes.
5. What characters/situations do you like to draw the least? See above question ^^;
6. What media do you like to work with best? Mechanical pencils, or Photoshop *humps tablet*
7. Comments...: I've been doing this off and on for a long time, but I'm still a total noob. I like to comment/critique on other people's art more than I like to do my own.
8. Would you like a tag with your LJ name so people can see all your art at once? Yes, please.
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:D [Aug. 2nd, 2005|06:46 pm]
[mood |apatheticblarg.]
[music |"Bed of Roses" - Mindless Self Indulgence]

-__- August sure rolled in quickly. I'll be starting high school in roundabout three weeks, and, while I have mixed feelings about the prospect of going to a new school, I am anxious to take on the role of "student" once more (needless to say, my brain feels like mush; I need to start learning again!).
This is the first time I've updated this journal in ages. I've spent most of my time lurking.. I still don't know how some people make their pages look so nifty.
Um.. I haven't drawn anything in a while.. I've mostly been writing little stories and reading.
Overall, the summer's been relatively fruitless. I had the chance to go to Europe and visit England and Iceland, but I passed it up because it took place during the week of Otakon.. I'm regretting this deeply now because I'm having second thoughts on doing the Otakon thing anyway.
Oh well. At least there's school to look forward to.

*looks at "Music" box* Heh. My current playlist amuses me. I've got a bunch of hard rock/metal surrounding a single, really slow l'arc~en~ciel tune.. (I don't usually listen to that head-banger stuff, but it's fun to listen to once in a while)
Actually, "Bed of Roses" would be a great ending song for a movie about a serial killer or something (like an autobiography).. There are alot of songs I think would make good ending songs for different types of movies. Like "Apple Blossom" (by the White Stripes) would be good for a movie about an angsty girl/boy who leaves home and gets killed..
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Procrastination [Feb. 17th, 2005|06:11 am]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Mindless Self Indulgence- "London Bridge" and "Tight"]

.. I wish there was such a thing as a drug that controls the chemicals in your brain that cause procrastination.. That [i]is[/i] what I think procrastination is- a temporary disorder caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.
But my disorder is perpetual. Even now as I type this, I am supposed to be writing up something for Social Studies class because I put it off last night..
My need of perfection does not help this. When I do finally start on something (or in some cases, decide to finish it), it always takes more time than neccesary, even if it was started late. Deadlines are my worst enemy.
This is another reason why I wish I didn't live in this day in age. Everything is too fast; everyone is in a hurry. I don't know who or what to blame for this..
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First Entry [Feb. 15th, 2005|07:57 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Bjork- "Triumph of a Heart"]

Meh... I decided to make an account on this site so that I can meet some people and expand my horizons on the internet. I'm sort of surprised that nobody has taken the name "voyez" until now.. I like it because it's a word with some meaning behind it (from what I have learned in French class, it means "see", as an order).. really do think people should "see".. and by "see", I mean beyond the usual objects of everyday life. Being an (self-proclaimed, mind you) artist, I often look beyond what life shows me, turning things inside-out or upside-down, changing them in my mind into something that appeals to me. If you look at anything in a specific way, it always has the potential to be beautiful (or ugly).. The same thing goes for situations.. something that seems completely undesirable to happen to a person can instantly become a blessing if you look at it another way.. Also, "see" can mean that a person should look closer at something, or beyond it.. I often think of race when I think of seeing that way; skin is just a bag that carries the real treasure.. A beautiful mind can belong to anyone, regardless of skin color..
Hum.. what else should I say?
I am immensely interested in art (a broad topic, I know, but I can't think of any artform that I'm not intrigued by, really).. though I consider many things art.. I suppose they can be put into catgories-- "Manual art" is painting, origami, sculpting, and that sort of stuff; "Literary art" is poetry, and all things related to writing; "Kinetic art" is dance and things related to that.. hum.. I suppose there's "Verbal art", which is language and the way people communicate, too.. But anything can be considered art, I guess. Therefore, I'm interested in just about everything.. that's probably a strong trait of mine, because I believe that knowledge is power, and knowing even a little bit about everything can be very useful to a person..
Anyway, I think I've pretty run out of anything else to say (er, type)... Heh.
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